Spill The Tea is 100% FAMILY created & operated (◡✿) Every collection is designed in house & all designs are exclusive & original. We collaborate with independent creatives, supporting young illustrators, artists, photographers & writers.  

We ONLY use thoughtfully sourced vegan materials.

We treat & pay our team fairly, & use ethically audited factories with high welfare standards.

We ensure that the people who make our products are treated fairly, have a safe working environment & are not exploited.

At Spill The Tea we embrace diversity of all kinds - in our staff, collaborators & all people. We are feminists & pro-black lives matter.

We believe all humans are equal & we support fairness & equality for the LGBTQ+ community with optimism, fun & inclusiveness.

Spill The Tea is pro-body positivity, & we care about disability/health issues. 

We aim to maximise our inclusiveness, & listen to the needs of all wherever possible & welcome any comments/feedback.

Spill The Tea will be giving an ongoing platform to the LGBTQ+ community via our blog & welcome approaches from individuals & groups for future blog content.

Peace, luv & unity () (‸ ◕✿) alwayz